Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible 1980 through 1985

Have you found an artist you love yet? Here are twelve more who had made their first music more than 25 years prior to the opening of the Rock Hall, eligible from 1980 through 1985. There is some classic music in this group. I recommend checking out Dick Dale, Jan & Dean, and Link Wray!Continue reading “Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible 1980 through 1985”

Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible in the 1970s

Welcome to the start of the list of potential snubs from the Rock Hall, covering artists eligible in the 1970s. I have listed ten artists here, seven of which I believe will get in someday. Two of the artists should be in already. Maybe you don’t like early rock n’ roll, but you should atContinue reading “Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible in the 1970s”