Avatar Studios Projects We Most Want To See

Avatar Studios has been at work for over a year now. We have the news of three movies currently in production. Only one story has been confirmed – a movie that follows more adventures of the original Team Avatar. Most fans and journalists are expecting one of the other two films will focus on AvatarContinue reading “Avatar Studios Projects We Most Want To See”

Disney Is Embarrassing Themselves

While no one has believed that Disney is a perfect company – far from it in fact – they are still a beloved institution in households across all social, economic, and political spectrums, and within the animation industry and community. This month, Disney has received unprecedented flak for its long-criticized apathy and/or disdain toward LGBTQ+Continue reading “Disney Is Embarrassing Themselves”

Halloween Wars 2021 Let Us Down

Halloween Wars season 11 was a disappointment this year. No bones about it. There are three major reasons for this: no pumpkins, a format change, and a judging change. But before we get to those, let’s highlight a couple of net-neutral changes. In a positive shift, Jonathan Bennett was out as host this year. JonathanContinue reading “Halloween Wars 2021 Let Us Down”