Every Paramore Song Ranked

With Paramore seemingly set to release new music, we wanted to rank every song Paramore has released. Why? – because we grew up with Paramore; Their music has shaped us and nourished us. And because their music rocks.

This list includes demos, EPs, albums, and singles. It does not include live covers, remixes, or acoustic versions – originals only.

Let’s start by saying that ranking every song of theirs is a ridiculous and impossible task. They’ve never released a bad song – even the weaker ones are still good. And this is, of course, a very subjective endeavor. Songs mean something different to each and every Paramore fan around the world, so no one’s list of songs is going to be identical.

We’ll go from 86 down to 1.

*NOTE: “Teenagers” does not appear on this list as it is technically credited to just Hayley. Her other solo work is also not included.

Hayley Williams performing with Paramore in Germany, 2013.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Sven-Sebastian Sajak.

Tier D – The Interludes, Instrumental Tracks, and Lesser Demos or B-sides

None of these songs are actually bad. The B-sides and demos are just not up to album quality, which makes sense considering they’re not necessarily meant to be. The instrumental tracks can be interesting to listen to, though “No Friend” is too odd for some and “Future” is far too long. As for the interludes, they feel less like Paramore and more like just Hayley, which is why they rank last here.

86. Interlude: Holiday – Paramore

85. Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore – Paramore

84. Interlude: Moving On – Paramore

83. Future – Paramore

82. No Friend – After Laughter

81. Stay Away – B-side or Demo

80. Throwing Punches – B-side or Demo

79. Swim In Silence – B-side or Demo

78. Breathe (Until Tomorrow) – B-side or Demo

77. Rewind – B-side or Demo

76. Another Day – B-side or Demo

Paramore performing on the 2007 Vans Warped Tour at the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront in Camden, New Jersey on November 3, 2006.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Photo by phillyist.

Tier C – Solid Songs

This tier is where we can definitely say that Paramore has no bad songs. Some of these are reserved for huge fans, but no one can say these songs are bad.

75. Proof – Paramore

            A song with a good sentiment: all the proof you need for someone’s love is that they
are there with you. It doesn’t always work that way, but it’s a good sentiment.

74. Ankle Biters – Paramore

            A fun song despite being on the low end of the Paramore discography.

73. Now – Paramore

            This song is jarring in every way (lyrically, musically, visually in the video), and that’s
the point. We want our future now before it disappears.

72. Fast In my Car – Paramore

            Who doesn’t like a song about going fast in their car and leaving drama behind?

71. Grow Up – Paramore

            An interesting melody and odd mix of musical styles make this a fun listen despite
the sobering theme of maturing past some of your friends and loved ones.

70. Fences – Riot!

            A song that shifts rhythm throughout and keeps you on your toes.

69. This Circle – Summer Tic

            A song about creating a cycle of hardship and having to fight to break it. This early
          Paramore song sets an emotional tone for much of their music.

68. Stuck On You – Summer Tic

            Yes, this is technically a cover. But it’s a cover they recorded for the EP – And it
provided the title for the EP too.

67. Born For This – Riot!

            Yes, Paramore, you were born for this!

66. Be Alone – Paramore

            This is a song to jam to.

65. Idle Worship – After Laughter

            When a song this good is your 65th best song, you’re doing something right.

64. Here We Go Again – All We Know Is Falling

            Here we go again talking about how amazing Paramore is. This song is partly
responsible for the group – otherwise it just might have been Hayley. Oh, and she
and Josh Farro wrote it when they were 16 and 17, respectively.

63. My Heart – All We Know Is Falling

            The rare screamo part from Paramore is featured in this song, but the rest has some
      great harmonies.

62. Brick By Boring Brick – Brand New Eyes

            A song about why a fantasy exists in the first place. It’s deeper than you remember.

61. Just Like Me – B-side or Demo

            “I slipped down the stairs/Tripped over your fragile ego.” I wish I could write a line
this good. Let alone on a demo as a teenager.

60. My Number One – B-side or Demo

            Whose demos are this good? Paramore, that’s who.

59. Temporary – B-side or Demo

            This song was supposedly cut from All We Know Is Falling and then became a B-side
web release for Riot! It deserved to be on an album.

58. Miracle – Riot!

            It’s a miracle we live in the timeline that has Paramore.

57. Native Tongue – Paramore

            Punk pop (or emo) is our native tongue.

56. Escape Route – Paramore

            “It’s not a question of who are we really. It’s who we want to be.” Escaping to be
ourselves is a great message.

Hayley Williams performing with Paramore at Hovefestivalen, 2010.
Image courtesy of Flickr. Photo by Kim Erlandsen.

Tier B – The Good Stuff

These songs have something for every rock, punk pop, alternative, or pop fan. The rankings in this section could be flipped and most people probably wouldn’t bat an eye. That’s how good these songs all are.

55. Tell Me How – After Laughter

Remember how Paramore covered Drake and it was better than anything Drake
could ever dream of? This song is something from beyond Drake’s wildest

54. Never Let This Go – All We Know Is Falling

            “Maybe if my heart stops beating it won’t hurt this much.” Whom among us hasn’t
been there?

53. Tell Me It’s Okay – Paramore

            It’s okay! (What, they requested it?)

52. Brighter – All We Know Is Falling

            Focus on the intricacy of Zac Farro’s drumming in this song. How was he so good so

51. Pressure – All We Know Is Falling

            A classic Paramore tune and good listen every time.

50. We Are Broken – Riot!

            We might be broken, but Paramore makes us whole. How can they not with clever
lyrics like “My mouth is dry/With words I cannot verbalize.”

49. When it Rains – Riot!

            Perhaps a sad song, but a beautiful song. If you need to call for help, or just to talk
with someone, Call 988.

48. Renegade – Singles Club

            You can find some of Paramore’s most clever lyrics in the verses here.

47. Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody) – B-side or Demo

            This song, playing on the popularity and influence of Avril Lavigne and how Hayley
is not her copy, was released as a B-side for Riot! in the United Kingdom.

46. Monster – Transformers: Dark of the Moon – The Album

            Paramore’s first release without the Farro brothers. Taylor York actually played
drums on this single.

45. Grudges – After Laughter

            And now a song about Zac Farro and Hayley Williams reconnecting!

44. Emergency – All We Know Is Falling

            A tone-setting rock hit from Paramore’s first album.

43. Feeling Sorry – Brand New Eyes

            It’s hard to feel sorry when listening to Paramore.

42. Pool – After Laughter

            A song in which the sounds create the glittery visual of a pool.

41. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic – Riot!

            This song was named at the last minute, but the title fits so well.

40. Adore – B-side or Demo

            A song this good deserved an official release.

39. Crushcrushcrush – Riot!

            This song is a favorite for many – and for good reason! It’s a really good song.

38. Hello Hello – B-Side or Demo

            It’s surprising this song never made an album. It feels like Riot! era Paramore.

37. Decoy – B-side or Demo

            This B-side was planned for Riot! but didn’t make the final cut. It should have.

36. Turn It Off – Brand New Eyes

            Hayley gets to show off her range in Brand New Eyes, include some killer high notes
in this song.

35. Where the Lines Overlap – Brand New Eyes

            Paramore might feel lucky to create music for a living, but we’re luckier to witness

34. Ignorance – Brand New Eyes

            At the time it was written, Hayley Williams said this song saved the band (at least
for this album).

33. Careful – Brand New Eyes

            While the track above might have saved the band, this one might have been its
downfall (at least in terms of losing the Farro brothers – Josh, an uncompromising
Christian, took “The truth never set me free, so I’ll do it myself” as being anti-faith).
But it’s an excellent album opener.

32. 26 – After Laughter

            No one will judge you for tearing up to this one.

31. Hard Times – After Laughter

            The first taste we all got of Paramore’s altered sound.

30. Whoa – All We Know Is Falling

            A song to sing along to, no doubt.

29. Forgiveness – After Laughter

            No need to forgive Paramore for this gem.

28. In the Mourning – Singles Club

            The first Paramore song post Farro brothers. Read into the lyrics what you will. Fun
fact – this song samples “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.

27. Daydreaming – Paramore

            This song broke a case of writer’s block for Hayley, and we’re glad it did.

26. Let the Flames Begin – Riot!

            The only Paramore song to have a sequel (see #20).

Paramore performing at Royal Albert Hall, London on June 19, 2017.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Ralph_PH.

Tier A – Greatness

Songs here are just great songs. If you want to rock out, cry, sing along, or just listen to the ear candy, Paramore has a song for you here.

25. Ain’t It Fun – Paramore

            Paramore thought this song would just be one for the hardcore fans. It turned out
to be much more than that. (It even won a Grammy – somehow their only one so

24. Misguided Ghosts – Brand New Eyes

            A fan favorite, this is a song that really connects with a live audience.

23. Looking Up – Brand New Eyes

            One of Paramore’s most self-reflective songs. What a waste it would have been,
indeed, if Paramore had decided to hang it up.

22. All We Know – All We Know Is Falling

            A great album opener to announce themselves to the world. Some incredible
drumming too!

21. Fake Happy – After Laughter

            One of Paramore’s most relatable songs.

20. Part II – Paramore

            The sequel to “Let the Flames Begin,” this song represents some maturation and
differentiation for the band. The musicality here is fantastic.

19. (One of Those) Crazy Girls – Paramore

            Love is crazy.

18. Conspiracy – All We Know Is Falling

            This song is a standout for having been written by a band so young (including
friend of the band at the time, Taylor York). It’s allegedly the first song the band
wrote, meaning Hayley Williams was 13. Yeah, pull out your writing samples from
you at 13 years old and tell me if they’re this good. The musicality is excellent here

17. That’s What You Get – Riot!

            One of the most fun songs to jam out to in Paramore’s discography.

16. Misery Business – Riot!

            “Misery Business” at 16? Yes. This song established Paramore as a top band in the
          2000s, but they have matured past it at this point. They have better songs (see
below), but despite Hayley moving on from its jaded lyrics, it will always hold a spot
in our collective memory and nostalgia for the emo days of our youth.

15. Still Into You – Paramore

            A rare straight-up love song from Paramore, it now serves as a love letter to the

14. Last Hope – Paramore

            Another fan favorite, this song is for Paramore fans what “Perfect” is for Simple
Plan fans. It’s more than group therapy – it’s community.

13. Caught in the Middle – After Laughter

            This song’s dichotomy sums up the After Laughter album – it’s got a bounce and a
pep, but it’s about battling depression. It’s like funny memes about struggling in life
(i.e. “This Is Fine”), encapsulated by the line “I don’t need no help – I can sabotage
me by myself.”

Hayley Williams performing with Paramore at Slottsfjell, 2017.
Image courtesy of Flickr. Photo by Kim Erlandsen.

Tier S – The Cream of the Cream

Paramore’s voice is formed by these twelve songs. They’ve found and remade their voice with each new release, and these songs encapsulate their change, growth, and excellence. With the exception of “Rose Colored Boy,” all the songs in the top five are from ca. 2009 Paramore. While Josh Farro played a part in that sound and he will not be returning to the band, this is the Paramore sound that we love the most. Brand New Eyes was also Taylor York’s first album as a full member of the band and his influence should not be understated for that incredible sound. Hopefully they return toward this sound on their forthcoming sixth album.

12. O’ Star [sometimes Oh Star] – Summer Tic

            It’s hard to find this Paramore gem, but it helps tell the story of their growing

11. Hello Cold World – Singles Club

            An honest song about how life is harsh sometimes. Especially when you lose half
your band.

10. Hate to See Your Heartbreak [either version]– Paramore

             A beautiful melody and a beautiful message to a friend.

9. Hallelujah – Riot!

            We believe in you too, Paramore. This is Riot!’s best song; has killer vocals, guitars,
and drumming; and represents the band’s perseverance.

8. The Only Exception – Brand New Eyes

            Apologies to Hayley Williams, who wants nothing to do with this song anymore, but
this is an incredible song. It has beautiful lyrics, a fantastic melody, and Hayley
really gets to show her range. Here’s to hoping she can learn to love the song again
like she has with “Still into You.”

7. Franklin – All We Know Is Falling

            Paramore looks at their roots here in a nostalgic ode to their hometown. It comes
out as their debut album’s best song.

6. Told You So – After Laughter

            “Told You So” is one for all the haters out there. It’s got an interesting music video,
         which also happens to be directed by Zac Farro.

5. I Caught Myself – Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

            Imagine if the Twilight soundtrack had just been a Paramore. We’d have high
      expectations considering the bar set by the near-perfect “I Caught Myself” and             “Decode.”

4. Playing God – Brand New Eyes

            “If God’s the game that you’re playing, well we must get more acquainted. Because
it has to be so lonely to be the only one who’s holy.” Insert flame emoji here! This
song rocks and has lyrics to tell off all the naysayers, haters, self-righteous, creeps,
and hypocrites.

3. Rose Colored Boy – After Laughter

            A deep song about empathy, sadness and anxiety about the world, and societal  
expectations. This one highlights Paramore’s most recent album. It tied the album
         together, along with all three band members, who co-wrote the song as a group.

2. Decode – Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

            This song absolutely rocks. This is the Paramore sound that we need more of. Of
course, Hayley nails the vocals here, but this is perhaps the band’s most complete
song. The band really hit their stride with “Decode,” and made many a fan.

1. All I Wanted – Brand New Eyes

            This song almost didn’t make the cut for the band’s best album, Brand New Eyes
(yeah, I said it!). Thankfully it did, because it’s Paramore’s best song to date. Stellar
guitar work, a delicate melody, soaring vocals, and meaningful lyrics make this song
not only a perfect album closer, but a top-tier rock song.

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