Avatar Studios Projects We Most Want To See

Avatar Studios has been at work for over a year now. We have the news of three movies currently in production. Only one story has been confirmed – a movie that follows more adventures of the original Team Avatar. Most fans and journalists are expecting one of the other two films will focus on AvatarContinue reading “Avatar Studios Projects We Most Want To See”

We Deserve More Than What Scoob! Gave Us

I was disappointed in Scoob!. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty good stand-alone animated feature; and it was an uplifting film in a time of high anxiety for many families and Scooby-Doo nerds alike. But I was disappointed in Scoob! as a Scooby-Doo installment. Not-telling-the-current-voice-actors-they-weren’t-voicing-their-characters controversy aside, the film just didn’t fully feel likeContinue reading “We Deserve More Than What Scoob! Gave Us”