Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible 1986 through 1989

Here we have arrived to artists who became eligible when the Rock Hall opened. I have listed eleven artists eligible between 1986 and 1989 here and gave nine of them medium odds or higher, bringing that total to 24. Two of those artists I believe Should Be In Already, bringing that total to five. IContinue reading “Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible 1986 through 1989”

Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible in the 1970s

Welcome to the start of the list of potential snubs from the Rock Hall, covering artists eligible in the 1970s. I have listed ten artists here, seven of which I believe will get in someday. Two of the artists should be in already. Maybe you don’t like early rock n’ roll, but you should atContinue reading “Rock Hall Snubs: Eligible in the 1970s”